Shanghai Tower

Location: Lujiazui, Shanghai
Project name: Shanghai Tower
Total floor area: 160,000 square meters
The Shanghai Tower is located in Lujiazui in Pudong New Area of Shanghai and adjacent to the Jinmao Tower and to the Shanghai World Financial Center, becoming China's first high-rise building now.  The main structure of the Shanghai Tower is 580 meters high, and the highest point of the Tower is 632 meters.  On September 30, 2010, SMEC won the tender for Bid Section A by means of 54 medium to high-speed elevators.  On April 28, 2011, SMEC won again the tender for Bid Section B by means of 52 medium to high-speed elevators. A total of 106 elevators for Bid Sections A and B include all the elevators for the highest part of the 84-120 floors of the hotel, the sightseeing area and the podium building.  Bid Sections A and B of the Shanghai Tower are the "peak" in the world's elevator industry, setting many world records in this industry: The highest - The Shanghai Tower is 632 meters high, higher than Taipei 101 (with the height of 508 meters) and the Shanghai World Financial Center (with the height of 492 meters), thus becoming the first high-rise building in China. The fastest - Three 18m/S shuttle elevators that travel from the ground floor directly to the sightseeing hall on the 118th floor for 565 meters have become the world's highest-speed ones. In addition, they have broken the world record of the elevator travel (504 meters) in the Burj Dubai, being the elevators with the highest travel worldwide. The largest - Four 10m/S double-car shuttle elevators that travel directly to the hotel’s sky lobby on the 101st floor for 470 meters will be the double-car ones with the highest travel in the world. Moreover, they are equipped with the newly developed permanent magnet synchronous traction system that has the largest power of 360 kW worldwide (using the dual three-phase coil technology). The newest - Eleven double-car elevators (including three 18m/S ones and eight 10m/S ones) in the Shanghai Tower are equipped with car pressure regulators (to protect passengers against the ear discomfort due to rapid changes in the atmospheric pressure during the fast up-and-down movement), becoming the first ones in China again.
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