Shanghai New World Daimaru Department Store

Location: West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Project name: Shanghai New World Daimaru Department Store
Total floor area: 1000
Located on the plot of land in Block 163 in Huangpu District, the New World Famous Product Center project extends east to Middle Jiangxi Road, south to East Nanjing Road, west to Middle Henan Road, and north to Tianjin Road. This area is a busy section in the city center.  To the south side is the Pedestrian Street of East Nanjing Road, under which is Rail Transit Line 2. To the west side is Middle Henan Road, under which is Rail Transit Line 10. The Project covers a gross floor area of 118,206 square meters, and the ground floor area that is included in the plot ratio is 65,805 square meters, on which is a high-end commercial complex with the height of 54.68 meters.  There are seven floors above the ground and five floors underground.  From the first to the sixth floor above the ground is the commercial space, and the sixth floor is locally used as offices for internal employees. The cinema is on the seventh floor. The first and the second floors underground are used for commerce, while the third, the fourth and the fifth floors underground are the garage and electrical and mechanical equipment rooms. The Project purchased a total of 50 elevators, including 12 spiral escalators, six imported NEXWAY-S sightseeing elevators, six home-made NEXWAY-S elevators, two home-made HOPE-IIG freight elevators, and 24 home-made K-type escalators. The use of 12 spiral escalators makes the Project the one with the most spiral escalators for a single project in the world so far. The 12 spiral escalators were installed on the east and the west sides from the first to the seventh floor.  After its completion, the Project will become another commercial landmark building in Shanghai.
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