Zhangjiagang Resettlement Project

Location: Zhangjiagang
Project name: Zhangjiagang Resettlement Project
Total floor area: 1000
Zhangjiagang City has always given top priority to the integrated urban and rural development in the overall planning of urban and rural development and in the enhancement of the well-being of the people's livelihood. It has implemented the comprehensive supporting reform of the integrated urban and rural development in an all-round way, and accelerated the concentrated living of farmers.  Since the start of the integrated urban and rural construction across the City in May 2010, Zhangjiagang City has held many concentrated commencement activities of resettlement housing in the whole city.  Up to now, many of the resettlement housing projects have used a total of 2,471 elevators of SMEC, and the demand is still increasing.  The urban and rural forms, ecological environment and livability quality in Zhangjiagang City have greatly improved through the construction of quality resettlement housing.
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