Tianjin World Financial Center

Location: Tianjin World Financial Center
Project name: Tianjin World Financial Center
Total floor area: 1000
The landmark building in Tianjin, the Tianjin World Financial Center (formerly the Tianjin Tower), is situated at the intersection of the planned North Dagu Road and the planned Xing'an Road, adjacent to the west bank of the Haihe River. With the gross floor area of about 346,400 square meters, the Center consists of a 75-storey tower and a 26-storey apartment building, of which the tower is 336.9 meters high.  The Center is the tallest building in Tianjin and in North China.  The architectural design of the Center was completed by the American company SOM, which also designed the Shanghai Jinmao Tower.  The entire project of the Center uses 43 Mitsubishi elevators, of which six two-car elevators travel at 7.00m/s and 8.00m/s respectively.  SMEC was entrusted by the owner to be responsible for the installation and long-term maintenance work.
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