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Integrated SMOS-II Elevator Monitoring and control system

The SMOS-II elevator monitoring and control system (hereinafter referred to as the SMOS-II system) is a comprehensive system that was developed independently by SMEC for the centralized monitoring and management of the series of elevators and escalators produced by the company. Like the human nervous system, the SMOS-II system uses the advanced data acquisition, transmission and processing technology and carries out centralized monitoring of scattered elevators in the building, in order to monitor the real-time operation of each elevator. The SMOS-II system adopts the latest LONWORKS field bus technology. Each component in the system (including the master computer) is a node in the LONWORKS network, and data exchange can be realized between any two nodes. The SMOS-II system uses the modern information technology and achieves the real-time monitoring of several elevators through a computer, so the cumbersome elevator management becomes easy, greatly improving the management efficiency. In addition, the powerful data processing capability of the SMOS-II system enables the user to constantly understand the use and operation situation of each elevator and to promptly eliminate hidden danger. This provides reliable data reference for the elevator's daily maintenance and troubleshooting, thereby enhancing its usage and extending its service life.