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LEHY-III-B Hospital Elevator

SMEC's R&D team visited hospitals, and talked with patients, doctors, elevator attendants, care workers and maintainers. According to clients' need, SMEC develops special-used hospital elevator which has the advantages such as antibiosis, air purification, central ventilation, anti-collision and scratch resistance over current products. Therefore it can completely satisfy the special use requirements in case of hospitals.


Simple and bright human-friendly car design won't bring dazzling feelings to the patients; Air purification ventilation device and ion sterilization technology configured at central car top, and massive antibiotic materials used in car can effectively reduce the hazard caused by germ spread; Clean and comfortable riding space together with special anti-collision and scratch-resistant design can vividly decrease the bad feeling of patients due to collision between hospital bed and car wall, and it also significantly increases the lifetime of elevator. Everything matches the modern medical environment and equipment perfectly and harmoniously, and creating a space with care and comfort for the patients.

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